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Betco® Crewman™ Burnishers

Available in 1600 and 2000 rpms. These burnishers deliver the power and performance needed to maintain all types of high speed floor finishes. Built with high quality components, these machines offer rugged durability at a low price. Featuring precision balancing and a flexible pad driver, the Crewman provides an even burnish every time. 20" burnish path and pad size. Pad pressure 15 - 20 lbs. Power cord is 75' 14/3 gauge safety yellow w/hospital approved plug. 1.5 hp dc rectified motor. Fully adjustable locks or floats handle. Has safety lockout switch.

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Betco® Crewman™ Dust Control Burnisher - 20"

Features highly effective dust control and sealed maintenance free AGM batteries, providing for a healthier environment. Motor: 2.5 hp; Motor Speed: 2000 RPM. Pad Driver: Flexible; Volts: 36-volt. Battery: (3) maintenance free, 12-volt, 140 ah, AGM.  ea

Manufacturers Item #85263
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Betco® Optima QT Propane Burnishers

Designed by Betco to provide the ultimate in high-gloss shine, when burnishing Betco Floor Finishes. Kawasaki's powerful 585 CC V-Twin 17 HP engine on a cast aluminum deck performance assure productivity and durability are assured. High quality and durable components such as low emission catalytic muffler, low oil shutdown, auto shutdown, 12V battery start and more insure dependability. Ergonomically designed handle easily adjusted for enhanced operator comfort and reduced fatigue. A 17 hp Kawasaki engine delivers the necessary power to maintain high speed floor finishes. Use for dry burnishing or restorative burnishing. Catalytic muffler. Auto shutoff. Automatic shutdown oil safety system.

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Advance Advolution™ 20 Cord Electric Burnisher - 20"

Designed to maximize performance, productivity, and operator ease. 20" pad size; RPM: 1500 RPM. 1.5 hp motor. Direct drive transmission.  ea

Manufacturers Item #01510A
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Advance Advolution™ 20BT Battery-195AH,Traction,Dust

The Advolution walk-behind battery burnisher delivers consistent and even polishing with a self-regulating pad pressure and a floating, flexible pad driver. This eliminates the need for operators to make adjustments to the pad pressure. The Advolution 20B is a pad assist model, while the 20BT model has powered traction drive. Green: An innovative felt-sealed system captures all dust and provides the best dust collection of any burnisher.  ea

Manufacturers Item #01584A
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Advance PBU 2113E Propane Powered Burnisher - 21"

Provides the fastest high-gloss burnishing available. The Advance PBU 21 has a 21" pad size and can burnish up to 25,000 square feet per hour, while the PBU 27 model offers a larger 27" pad capable of burnishing up to 33,000 square feet per hour. Simple controls ensure your operators won't be slowed down with machine adjustments, just start it and go. Powerful 13 or 17 hp twin-V engines provide the torque to drive the pad at a high rpm that produces a sparkling shine. Easy pad changing, low maintenance and rugged dependability. Cushion adjustable handle for operator comfort. Easy change tank. Propane Tank: 20 lb capacity 80% safety fill.  ea

Manufacturers Item #08001B
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Advance Whirlmatic™ 20 Plus Burnisher

115 volt, 1.5 hp, 1500 watts @ 15 amps, DC rectified, permanent magnet, air-cooled, pintle-mounted. 25"L x 21"W x 47"H.  ea

Manufacturers Item #201501
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SSS® Cheetah 1500 HS Burnisher - 20"

All-metal construction. 1500 rpm - 20" deck. Flexible pad driver. Heavy duty 1.5 hp motor. Safety lock out switch. Handle mounted circuit breaker. Power: 1.5 hp (dc rectified); Voltage: 110. Speed: 1500 rpm; Amp draw: 13.5 amps. Power cord: 55' safety orange; Frame: cast aluminum.  ea

Manufacturers Item #86012
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Viper VN1500 Venom High Speed Floor Machine - 20"

35" L x 20" W x 48" H. 1.5 hp; 120v; 1500 rpm; 88 lbs. Deck Size: 20". 50' cable.  ea

Manufacturers Item #VN1500
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Windsor® Lightning™ 2000 Burnisher

Floating handle automatically adjusts to operator height simplifying operation and providing a consistent high-gloss shine. 24" W x 48.5" H x 32" L. 1.5 hp (1119 watts) with circuit breaker. Pad Size: 20"; Rotary Speed: 2000 RPM.  ea

Manufacturers Item #10090190
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