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Fresh Commode & Urinal Mats

Green apple scent. Impregnated with neutratech, a neutralizing agent to combat odors and refresh the area. Prevents damage and costly floor repairs caused by discoloration and uric acid. Protects from slips and falls with a special non-slip bottom that keeps floors drier. Prevents cross contamination or urine from the restroom to other areas. Easier and fast clean up saves time and reduces labor costs. Lasts 4-6 weeks, depending on usage. Disposable and recyclable.

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Fresh P-Shield

Absorbs and neutralizes uric acid (urine), protecting your floors and keeping your restroom smelling great. Soaks up at least twice as much as the leading mat. Unique non-slip flexible materials keeps mat in place. Black in color so it hides unsightly urine stains.  6/cs

Manufacturers Item #6-PSUM
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Impact® Barricade™ Press-On Urinal Mat - Gray

These mats protect urine stains and odors from reaching the floor. Adhesive back that holds firmly in place. Quick dry material and can be mopped over. Can protect up to 30 days. 21 3/4" L x .06" H x 16" W.  ea

Manufacturers Item #801701
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SSS® Deodorizing Urinal Floor Mat

Charcoal colored mat designed to be used with all hanging single urinals. Impregnated with pleasant fresh scent to eliminate odors in the immediate area. 17.5" x 20.5" x .25".  6/cs

Manufacturers Item #08085
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